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          Dashiqiao Weiming furnace charge Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao City, the "magnesium capital of China". It is one of the large manufacturers specializing in the production of magnesia refractories in Liaoning Province.
          Founded in 2000, Weiming company covers an area of 44000 square meters and a construction area of 20000 square meters. The company has 120 employees, including 12 fire resistance experts and senior technical managers. The total assets of the company are 150 million yuan, including 80 million yuan of fixed assets With an annual output value of 300 million yuan, the company mainly produces 13 sets of equipment, including 1 set of 2000t full-automatic hydraulic brick press, 2 sets of 1000t friction brick press, 4 sets of 800t friction brick press,3 sets of 630t friction brick press, 3 sets of 500t friction brick press, in addition, high-speed mixing equipment, crushing equipment, heat treatment equipment and complete laboratory facilities...
    Enterprise tenet
    Pursuit of excellence and innovation
    Faith based, steady operation
    Enterprise spirit
    Make concerted efforts to keep improving
    • self flow castable
    • High performance repairing material for converter
    • Tundish refractory
    • Gunning material
    • Integral castable for mixing furnace and hot metal tank
    • Blast furnace taphole soaking mud
    • Ladle drainage sand
    • Ladle castable
    • Trench material
    • Taphole filler

    Dashiqiao Weiming furnace Material Co., Ltd. is committed to the tenet of "survival by reputation and development by quality". 

    It is willing to work with friends from all walks of life to create a first-class quality with friends from all walks of life.

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